1. Personal VM

  • Switch to NixOS
  • Setup Caddy
  • Setup Gitea Forgejo
  • Setup backups with Kopia
  • Use Syncthing for public document syncing
  • Create Caddy add-on to host Gitea repos

2. System Configuration

Aim — Make as much as possible able to be setup automatically and idempotently

  • Shell script for ensuring various kinds of packages are installed
    • Package manager
    • Python (pip) packages
    • Rust/cargo packages
    • URL for a pre-compiled executable in a .tar.gz
    • URL for an executable’s source that needs to be compiled
  • Font
    • Installation from GitHub / URL
    • Skip recently-installed fonts
  • Compiled/downloaded executables for ~/.local/bin
  • Commit config files
  • KDE Config (including KWin scripts)

3. Emacs Config

  • Add package update info to CI action, and generate badge
  • Extract Org/music components to own package
  • Add more conditional LaTeX preamble content, e.g. maths
  • Don’t do annoying replacements like ' to ’ in Org to Markdown export
  • Use docker to cache CI, it currently takes 5–6 minutes for only 1 minute of significance
  • Transform LaTeX math fragments to TeX syntax on markdown export
  • Disable some emojis in Org files

4. Org

4.1. Org itself

  • Make org-edit-special work for LaTeX
  • Org plot enhancement
  • Enhance org-html-build-meta-info
  • Restyle default Org HTML export
  • Create new package for font-lock based syntax highlighting backend for LaTeX
  • Add font-lock rule for @@format:content@@ elements
    • "@@\\([a-z]+\\):\\(.*?\\)@@" seems like viable regex
    • Tested this with the faces: font-lock-comment-face, org-tag, org-latex-and-related
  • Help fix W3C violations in HTML export [3/4]
    • Warning: The type attribute for the style element is not needed and should be omitted.
      • Fix: remove it
    • (warning) type parameter unnecessary for javascript <script>
      • Fix: remove it
    • alt attribute not allowed on object elements (svg images)
      • Fix: use img element for svgs
    • Inability to “wrap” sections cannot be resolved without producing invalid HTML
      • Create a property like :HTML_WRAP: <a href“…”>= which will automatically add the relevant closing tag at the end.
  • Poke hlissner to upstream Org improvements
  • Submit IETF RFC to register Org as a MIME type
  • Org pandoc (transient) import package
  • Org music package
  • Push for a fixed ob-julia
  • Fix org-plot invalid function error
  • Make it possible to change \ref in LaTeX export to something else (like \cref) Bonus: capitalisation.
  • Don’t bind auto-mode-alist to nil in ox.el, instead change how file read/write is done

4.2. Patches from my config

  • [See config] Set a default bullet sequence (currently nil), minor but I think this would be nice
  • [See config] Use deterministic/meaningful heading IDs
  • [See config] Could be nice to provide a function which transforms Org keywords in buffer lowercase
  • [See config] fontify inline source blocks
  • [See config] LaTeX export: fix verbatim text in headings
  • [See config] HTML export: upgrade mathjax to v3
  • [See config] LaTeX export: clever generated preamble content is brilliant
  • [See config] LaTeX code fontification: add engrave highlighting backend option (for the best syntax hightlighting you’ll see in a PDF)
  • [See config] LaTeX export, perhaps some others: don’t load the mode for intermediate files
  • [See config] Markdown export: change \( \) to $ syntax, not relevant to the spec but it’s better than not doing this IMO as $ is better supported by the many markdown parsers around — so why not?
  • [See config] Remove org-block face from inline LaTeX fragments

4.3. Tooling

  • Online live-collaborative Org editing (see this issue)
  • Create CI Action for tangling/weaving Org files (org-knit)
    • GitHub (org-knit, org-tangle)
      • Implemented as docker container(s) with minimal github-specific components
      • Should be fairly easy (and nice) to port to other CI systems
    • GitLab
    • Angola? Drone?
  • Pandoc: use lower case keywords
  • Pandoc: use \( \) inline maths instead of $ syntax (code)
  • Create Org LSP client
    • Should investigate alternatives to current Rust library — seems a bit unmaintained, no response to my issue created over a month ago
    • Maybe switch to rust-analyser/lsp-server, looks like a bit more boilerplate though

4.4. Public presence

  • Revamp Org website
  • Apply Emacs manual CSS to Worg online manual
  • Overhaul Worg with ecc-J, by making a nice site generator
  • Add Org file icon to most common themes [1/6]
    • Papirus theme (issue)
    • Breeze icon theme (issue)
    • Adwaita icon theme (issue)
    • Moka icon theme (issue)
    • Flat Remix icon theme (issue)
    • Arc icon theme (issue)
  • Wikipedia’s Org article
    • Update screenshots
    • Add example exports
    • Add implementations section
  • Add Org logo to simple-icons (used by shields.io — github badge generator, PR)
  • Update Org icon used by file-icons (used by all-the-icons and others, PR)
  • Add colour to Org filetype in github (PR)

4.5. Threads to look at

  1. Re: Images in org-mode
  2. Re: Issue with dvisvgm Option for Exporting TeX Snippets to HTML
  3. Re: [PATCH] Don’t fill displayed equations
  4. julia tests are failing and ob-julia is quite broken now. I recall you said that you may look into this someday: https://list.orgmode.org/orgmode/87a683npdk.fsf@tec.tecosaur.net/
  5. Re: How to solve “Warning (emacs): Please update the LaTeX src-block-backend to listings” : one guy asked to allow specifying latex src block backend via #+LATEX_SRC_BLOCK_BACKEND keyword, not just using defcustom
  6. Long time ago, we made a plan for reviewing org-syntax.org. That plan included asking feedback on emacs-devel. Maybe it is the time now?
  7. (reddit) Org-mode: removing packages on latex export - looks like a bug we need to fix
  8. Re: org-latex preview on Windows
  9. Re: Pasting an image with org-download in org-capture buffer - potential bug; need to check
  10. Re: [BUG] Checkbox item is broken in html export with table content
  11. A bug with org-plot

    #+PLOT: title:"Weight" ind:1 deps:(2) type:2d with:linespo set:"xdata time" set:"yrange \[90:\]" timeind:1
    | Date             |   Kg |
    | \<2010-02-21 Sun> | 95.0 |
    | \<2010-02-22 Mon> | 93.0 |
    | \<2010-02-23 Tue> | 92.0 |
    | \<2010-02-24 Wed> | 91.5 |
    | \<2010-02-25 Thu> | 91.0 |
    | \<2010-02-26 Fri> | 92.0 |

    Once one removes timeind:1, the plot will not be produced.

  12. visual-line-mode don’t play well with org-latex-preview
  13. org-latex-preview has a bug when using dvisvgm with regards to the path, when drive is mounted
  14. Re: [BUG] Wrap LaTeX Fragments in a Span
  15. We need to update https://orgmode.org/worg/org-faq.html#fontified_source_code_w_latex, describing the new engrave-faces backend
  16. Re: New HTML exporter (was a feature request)
  17. [PATCH] ox-html.el: add option to embed SVG for CSS support in SVG
  18. [PATCH 1/1] Fix background color when line-wrapping latex previews

5. Emacs

  • Contribute colouring to authinfo-mode
  • Analyse the Emacs User Survey 2020 a bit
  • Update screenshots in Wikipedia’s Emacs article
  • Magit wikipedia article
  • Package ideas (non-org)
    • Emacs everywhere
    • Lexic
    • Screenshot
    • Auto-activating latex snippets
    • Make backend/format-generalised htmlize package
      • Allow for definition of custom formats, like with org-pandoc-import
    • Grab / hard fork Emacs Anywhere
    • Formatted (markup language) paste
  • Emacs user survey 2022
  • Emacs user survey 2024

Date: 2024-01-17

Author: TEC

Created: 2024-01-17 Wed 13:33